My world through the dreams

Издательство: Издательские решения
Жанр: Пьесы и драматургия / Русское фэнтези
ISBN: 9785448334870
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He couldn’t believe it. He put his elbows on the knees and hid his face in arms. The thought that she has gone was tearing Tien’s soul apart. «I won’t let you go, I just can’t do that» – her words were sounding in his head giving an awful ache. He was looking for her everywhere, even in the past and in the future. The impossible became possible for him. Everything that used to mean something for him have lost its sense without her. Читать книгу «My world through the dreams» очень удобно в нашей онлайн-библиотеке на сайте или в мобильном приложении IOS, Android или Windows. Надеемся, что это произведение придется вам по душе.